Warranty Policy– Electro Gas

Warranty Coverage:

  • Our home appliance retail shop provides a warranty on eligible products purchased from us.
  • The warranty covers manufacturing defects and functional issues that arise during normal use of the appliance.
  • The specific duration and coverage of the warranty may vary depending on the product and manufacturer.

Warranty Period:

  • The duration of the warranty is determined by the manufacturer and may vary from product to product.
  • The warranty period begins from the date of purchase, as stated on the original purchase receipt.

Warranty Claim Process:

  • To initiate a warranty claim, customers must provide the original purchase receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Customers should contact our customer support team or visit our store to report the issue and start the claim process.
  • Our customer support team will guide customers through the necessary steps to validate the warranty claim.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by mishandling, improper installation, neglect, misuse, or accidents.
  • It also does not cover damage resulting from unauthorized repairs or modifications to the appliance.
  • Consumable parts, such as filters or bulbs, may have limited or separate warranty coverage.

Repair, Replacement, or Refund:

  • If a valid warranty claim is approved, we will endeavor to repair the appliance, replace it with an identical or comparable model, or provide a refund, as deemed appropriate.
  • The decision regarding repair, replacement, or refund will be made based on the nature of the issue and the availability of parts or a suitable replacement.

Warranty Limitations:

  • The warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser of the appliance and is not transferable.
  • The warranty is valid only within the specified geographical region where our retail shop operates.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Customers are responsible for providing accurate information regarding the issue and cooperating with our customer support team during the warranty claim process.
  • Customers must follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance of the appliance to avoid voiding the warranty.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Some appliances may come with an additional manufacturer's warranty beyond our store warranty.
  • In such cases, customers are encouraged to refer to the manufacturer's warranty documentation for specific terms, conditions, and claim procedures.

Customer Support:

  • If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the warranty policy or a warranty claim, please contact our customer support team.
  • Our team is available during business hours to provide the necessary guidance and support.
  • Business hour 10:00AM to 9:00PM Monday to Saturday (03210077444)
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